Our Approach

About Utah

Utah is an 8 year old dude in the 4th grade. He wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up and is obsessed with dogs, cheese pizza and his little sister, Ani (she’s 4 years old).

His favorite past times include: collecting rolly-pollies in his backyard, playing old school Nintendo games, creating tie-dye art for his very own customers (Utah’s Rainbow Art), making incredible forts with his Dada, playing with his 2 dogs, Soapy & Raisin, and drawing mazes for his friends and family to figure out.


Our Story


Tourette Syndrome

Utah was diagnosed with having Tourette Syndrome in December of 2018 and has decided, with the help of his mama, to write a blog and vlog all about this journey. He hopes that it'll reach other kids that are diagnosed with TS, as well as people that just want to learn more about it.


About Mama

Hi! I'm Elizabeth, Utah's Mama. I'm a former special education teacher and now a boudoir photographer. While I am well versed in many other special needs, I am not as much with Tourette Syndrome. That's very scary for me and it's also exactly why I decided to start this blog with Utah. I plan on learning as much as I can about TS and will teach Utah everything I learn as well.

My goal in life is to teach my kiddos all about self advocacy, acceptance, love and to embrace their differences, not fear them or feel shame about them.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We are happy you're here!