My “Why”




A few weeks ago my Mama asked me to make a video about why I want to write this blog. She gave me her phone and I made it on my way home from school. I made a video on her phone.




That’s also how my Mama writes the blogs for me. She hands me her phone with the voice recorder on. I talk into it and then she types what I said later on. That way I can say what I want and it won’t take me a long time to type it.


It would take like a million and infinity and to the moon and back time to type it all by myself.




I will write my blog whenever I want to. I will make a vlog whenever I want to. My Mama is going to write on it too.


People Are Like Snowflakes



I think everybody is good at something. Everybody is different, just like snowflakes.


I like to make snowflakes with paper and scissors. They are all different.


First, I fold the paper hamburger style, then again, hamburger style – over and over again. Then you kind of try to cut little circles out of it. You can also cut in any shape that you want.


Then you open it and ta-da! You have a snowflake. Every time I make one, they are never the same. Just like people.


Have a good day!



One thought on “My “Why””

  1. Dear Utah,

    I’m glad you are teaching me about Tourette Syndrome. Thank you! May I ask you some questions? Do your tics bother or hurt you at all? Also, are all TS tics the same as yours?

    Thank you for sharing!

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