Summer 2019


Our Summer was full of all kinds of fun. It flew by, as it always seems to do. We have a shorter summer break because Utah attends a year-round charter school, so that of course adds to the feeling of it flying by so quickly.

Utah’s Last Day of 2nd grade. He LOVES his sweet teacher, Mrs. B. He gets to be with her again for 3rd grade too. Thank goodness for the looping schedule.

We do love the year-round schedule though. There are lots of breaks and much less burn out. We are already looking so forward to Fall Break!


Here are some of our favorite Summer highlights!


Playing at the park before it got too crazy hot out was awesome! Utah is such an incredible big brother to Ani. He thrills in her curiosity and happiness. He loves to teach and guide her. And she looks up to him so much. They both adore each other and it makes my heart so incredibly happy.


We celebrated Utah’s little sister’s 3rd birthday with a super fun Olaf themed pool party!


Utah & I took a trip to Michigan over July 4th to see my Grandma, his Great-Grandma, Meema. He loved flying up there and sitting in the window seat. We met up with some more of my family, including Utah’s cousin Cohen.


Utah gave Meema his little beaver stuffed animal to hold while we visited and she loved it. She used to always have a lap dog. We noticed her petting it and decided to go to the store to get a little stuffed animal for her to carry around on her lap after we left.


While we were visiting Meema, my Dad played some of her favorite old says and she truly came to life as soon as she heard them. It was so beautiful and really reminded us of the scene in the sweet movie “Coco” when the Great-Grandma did something very similarly. Meema turned 98 years old just a couple of weeks ago.


Utah really enjoyed seeing his younger cousins, Easton & Parker, too! We always do a grocery store run right when we get to town with these cousins. They also made a little table fort right when we got to my Grandma’s house. It’s the simple things in life that we enjoy so much.


Utah slept in until about 10am every day we were up there. It was so cozy & wonderful.


We had plenty of Mama/Utah dates this summer. Our favorite date activity is to go see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse together but we also love going to the pizza shop.


We decided to recreate a self-portrait I took of us while Ani was still in my tummy. This time it was a photo of just Utah & Ani. So sweet!


Utah discovered a new interest in YouTube makeup tutorials by Makeup By Jack.


Utah & Ani took swim lessons with Ms. Cathy again this year. This was Utah’s 5th year and Ani’s 2nd swimming with Ms. Cathy & it was super successful. The kids had a blast and learned a lot, as usual.


We also made some awesome (and super easy!) slime. So much fun!


We wrapped up the summer with a Week Of Fun & it was amazing!! 3rd grade is gonna be a wild ride, but we are ready!

Elizabeth aka “Mama”